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About Us

AppliCad is a specialized CAD application software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. AppliCad has developed CAD applications since 1989 and now exports their specialized software to roofing and cladding companies. AppliCad has offices in the US and the UK. Customers who benefit the most from using our software include installers, contractors, distributors and manufacturers. They achieve this by improving accuracy, productivity and quality of output.

AppliCad offers world leading 3D roof and cladding modeling and estimation software. The software has been continually developed during the last 23 years and is constantly subject to enhancements to increase the ease of use and functionality. We have users in 148 countries throughout the world. The software not only saves time in the estimation process and produces professional client proposals, it has waste minimization functions which save on average 10% per job. This saving in material, coupled with improved accuracy directly translates to an increase in profit margins and increases your ability to win more jobs. Over 21 reports and 8 tables are automatically generated by the software in Microsoft Word, including roof plan, installer pay information, material cutting lists, flashing diagrams, quotation acceptance forms etc. Contact us for a detailed demonstration of how AppliCad can be working for you and saving you $. APPLICAD: Where results are calculated, not estimated!


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence