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AVRUS Solutions

One Firm,
One Relationship
One Point of Contact
Design and integration of technology systems.

As a single point of contact, we assume responsibility for the design and integration of technology systems within your corporate space or private residence.

We are your audio-visual integration specialists. Drawing from our extensive experience in the industry, AVRUS brings your visions to life. Our clients can be confident that they are committing to technology that is tailored to their individual needs, easy to use and of outstanding quality.

We offer a wide range of technology systems, that blend seamlessly into their environments but never fail to leave a lasting impression.

Our solutions not only add value to your project or space, but grant you flexibility for future expansion, making AVRUS one of the most sustainable, cost-effective options on the market.

From single boardroom solutions to fully integrated offices/homes, our team of dedicated experts can consult on, design, install, program and maintain the technology solution that’s not only right, but perfect for you. We bring the personal touch to all our work.