About Us

We are pleased to announce a new era for Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd.

Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd began as the Brisbane office of Bonacci Group Pty Ltd back in 1989. Over the last 20 years Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd has evolved into a designer of infrastructure - transport, mining, marine, airport, defence, water and health - as well as construction engineering for major contractors. As a consequence of this evolution Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd is concluding its affiliation with other offices of Bonacci Group and will continue to operate from our Milton office.

To celebrate 25 years of servicing Australia, Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd is proud to announce its new brand, Bonacci Infrastructure – a symbol of our experience, reputation and differentiation. Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd continues to operate under the dual names of Bonacci Group (Qld) and Bonacci Infrastructure.

Bonacci Group (Qld) Pty Ltd looks forward to servicing clients with a quality designs as we continue on our journey to “perfecting the art of engineering”

The Bonacci Infrastructure mission is to embrace every opportunity to distinguish our professional structural and civil engineering services by building on the talents and passion of our people.

The overall culture of Bonacci Infrastructure is one of technical prowess coupled with creative thinking and commercial awareness.

As a professional engineering service provider, our primary deliverable is intellectual property, being ideas, concepts, detailed designs and professional advice. As such, the company’s prosperity, growth and corporate strength are fundamentally linked to the strengths, talents and commitment of the individual employees within the company.

We believe that the company’s reputation is only as good as the personal reputations and abilities of it staff. To this end we actively mentor our team so that they continually develop their talents and engineering passion.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence