About Us

The Charlie Chan Creative Approach
We are music and sound experts who use our collaborative style to create the right compositions, soundtracks and sound design for your project.

Sound is the critical dimension in your communication. At Charlie Chan Studios we use the latest technology and innovations, and have a solid understanding of the many platforms that require sound design that’s compelling, different and effective.

Let our soundtracks create the depth you need, and make your imagery even more compelling by adding the dimension of audio to your brand or project.

Studio Facilities
We use the latest ProHD tools, have multi instrumental ability and state of the art studios to record or monitor sounds from anywhere in the world. We have access to a skilled pool of talent across casting, production and performance. We can scale our input to provide the right resources for your project.

Music Services
For Film and Television, Radio, Advertising, Events, Outdoors & Indoors

Music Composition
Orchestration & Arranging
Film and Television Soundtracks
Recording Mixing & Production
Orchestral recording, editing & mixing
Music Licensing & Supervision
Song Search
Library Music
Audio Post production
Dialogue and ADR recording
FX Lay-up
Sound Design
Dolby Mixes
Voice Recording


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence