About Us

At CXA, Customer Experience (CX) is our entire offering. We've created an entirely new business model that takes the best pieces of a traditional agency, consultancy, software provider and business coach – and focused them fiercely on the concept of delivering world-class CX for our customers.

We believe that Customer Experience is no longer part of marketing. It is much bigger than that. It is the entire operation. The lines between marketing and operations are blurrier than they’ve ever been before. To a customer those lines never even existed.

We believe that by focusing on Customer Experience (CX), CX Led Brands can tear down the walls between marketing and operations so that their Customer Experience can truly shine at every moment.

The CXA business model is geared towards assisting brands create these better Customer Experiences at every touch point with specialised services and a proven holistic framework. And in doing so, help our customers with better customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and growth.

Our Customer Promise: We’ll enhance your business by helping you create more meaningful and profitable relationships with your customers.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence