About Us

Double Z Computer is a leading business to business eCommerce/EDI solution provider. We have over 20 years experience in EDI and during this time have provided solutions to hundreds of clients around Australia and New Zealand.

Our aim is to ensure that the process of electronic trading is made as simple as possible with minimal cost outlays but maximum benefit. This means that any company, whatever the size, can enjoy the benefits of our EDI Solution.

We offer:-

• Fully managed EDI for Retailers. Requires no EDI translator on site, just your ERP data files direct to us
• On site fully integratable EDI Translation Software (EDIPlus)
• Web based EDI Portal
• Support for all major international standards
• Support for any and all EDI implementation, but our focus in Australia is predominantly in the Retail, Automotive and Pharmaceutical Industries.
• Solutions for Corporates (Hubs) e.g. Best & Less
• Solutions for Suppliers – we have several hundred implementations across several industries.

Network Services
• Our EDI Solutions can use multiple connection channels to trade across the EDI world, providing great flexibility and appealing cost scale.
ZedPlus - Our own iVAN service (arguable the least expensive EDI network in Aust/NZ)
NetPlus - Our iVAN service via the GXS Network (for mainly international trading)

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence