About Us

Emerald Energy Consultancy Ltd (EEC) is a specialized Renewable Energy Consultancy that was established to service the growing need for the technical evaluation, engineering assistance for & delivery of, Renewable Energy projects worldwide.

Emerald Energy Consultancy also work closely with their European partner companies to develop opportunities for their technologies in Australasia - we offer services acting both as agent for sales of clients technology throughout Australasia & also full EPCM/Project Management services where we will procure, install & commission the equipment in question.

FTL Technologies have developed the TurboScrubber and TurboStripper technologies for scrubbing gases and waste water from numerous types of processes.
Liquisort have unique separation equipment for metals and plastics. This technology is currently widely used in recycling and currently we are investigating applications in the mining and minerals industry.

EEC has a network of talented & experienced engineers available & capable to deliver the complete life-cycle of projects, regardless of complexity, from design through to installation, commissioning & operation.

Business size

1-10 employees