About Us

FWRD advises organisations on the set-up and customisation of Zoho CRM, an online Customer Relationship Management system to effectively manage your client database, all aspects of the sales and marketing process and improve your customer service across the entire organisation.

Our focus is training and mentoring to simplify the transition of moving your business into the cloud and update your processes to match the new capabilities your company now has at its fingertips. While CRM is our core focus and area of expertise, we specialise in the integration of this software with productivity applications including project management and accounting software.

Once your database is organised, profiled and segmented we can start of the process of using this data to strengthen your marketing presence with visually appealing, content rich email marketing campaigns, targeted to your database based on strategic profiling.

Our mission is to make the use of cloud based software achievable for all small business owners (even those who class themselves as technically behind the times) through the delivery of simple training and mentoring. To achieve this objective we consult for the Small Business Corporation and Business Foundations. The consulting includes the delivery of workshops and mentoring on all topics surrounding cloud based applications, productivity software, outsourcing, online marketing and social media.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence