About Us

... a comprehensive consulting and backoffice project service... we integrate project design [scope], time and cost across the life-cycle.

Working from a project services perspective [i]ntelligentBIM is dedicated to making scope + time + cost integration a common tool for Owners, Program Managers, Project Managers and Facility Managers.

we do things like…

5D project services – model management
…integrating scope [aka design] time & cost; coordinating & integrating mini BIMs; model authoring; assure, enable & facilitate collaboration

3D modelling
…for about the same price you get your CAD drawings.

project management / controls via model management
…integrated scope time & cost reporting: status, progress, forecast to complete

organisational transformation
…working with our colleagues at GKforge organisational re-design; process & standard operating procedures [SOP] re-alignment; framework & roadmaps; business case building

…grass roots through to MD

briefings / knowledge sharing
…for industry peak bodies; legal firms; training providers; decision makers & influencers

Feel free to give us a call +61 8 8232 3966 or email control@intelligentBIM.com.au to discuss all things BIM.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence