About Us

The Invasive Species Council campaigns for better laws and policies to protect the Australian environment from weeds, feral animals and exotic pathogens.

Formed in 2002, we were the first environment group in the world to focus solely on invasive species.

With introduced pests one of the top and growing threats to native species and ecosystems, involving complex biological and social interactions, this specialist focus is needed.

A non-profit organisation, we work with other groups on policy and legal reform, campaigning for action on high priority pests such as gamba grass, an African pasture grass that could turn Australia’s northern woodlands into vast grass monocultures.

We have a strong commitment to using the best science available to inform our advocacy work and through our board, staff and membership have access to excellent in-house weed and pest expertise.

We also enjoy good relationships with Australia’s top weed and pest scientists.

The Invasive Species Council is committed to fostering community participation and activism, supporting our members to have a voice on invasive species issues.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence