About Us

We’re an international team of marketing and advertising experts who specialize in helping the Marketing Execs of lifestyle brands sell more stuff, engage with their audience and take more holidays.

With over a decade in the marketing game and as the architects behind some breakthrough campaigns for companies like Skechers, ASUS & SOL REPUBLIC, we’ve refined our approach around solving three specific problems MD’s tend to struggle with.

From Germany to the USA to right here in Australia, Marketing Directors of challenger brands are pushed to the limits and they have no choice but to perform. Their schedules take them from one task to the next and as a result, all too often they don’t have the time to STOP, THINK and PLAN.

Others just don’t have an effective plan or process in place that will deliver the results they want and they end up with missed opportunities and a lack of sales.

The three big issues they are juggling are:

1. Stock Not Moving.
2. Losing touch with their audience.
3. Not getting noticed in the media.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At King Creative, we’ve hand crafted a 5 Phase Marketing Mastery Formula that cuts to the heart of each of these issues while putting the MD in control and ahead of the game.

My mission is to give back time to Marketing Directors around the world, and I'm currently seeking new Marketing execs to benefit from our five step formula.

Ultimately I want to leave our clients feeling confident & supported with a plan that will work for them.

To view our work visit our website or send our team an email via info@kingcreative.com.au