About Us

Noigroup (NOI for short) is an active health resource network. NOI’s focuses are pain management, neurodynamics, health performance and manual therapy- we are taking manual therapy to the brain. NOI has international teaching faculties in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, German speaking Europe, Italy and Scandinavia.

David Butler and Lorimer Moseley are our key authors, our widest read title being Explain Pain, a groovy little book which demonstrates in simple language how pain responses are produced by the brain.
The Sensitive Nervous System and The Neurodynamic Techniques DVD and Handbook are other neurodynamics titles, as well as other evidence based brain training tools: a Mirror box and 'RecogniseTM online, a limb laterality online programme designed for treatment of such problems as CRPS or phantom limb pain.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence