About Us

Covering most aspects of digital media, Papergrave is a collaboration of the bespoke and modern digital development. Since 2003 and maybe a little before Papergrave has had fingers in all manner of digital projects and prides itself in considering every concept brought before it. While in the past the focus has been online flash, mobile applications are our new love affair. This of course does not exclude work with custom solutions in PHP and HTML5. I always forget to mention the video production work which is mainly short quick turn around projects.

2015 has been an interesting year, winning an Australian award for best bespoke elearning (Video and flash) course. Guiding clients through the transition to HTML5. The release of the game Zombi where for the second time I got to do UI development/design for a AAA title. For the last half of the year plans are to work on at least 3 self published mobile games(The first is on Alpha). This business never gets old and each year brings more welcomed surprises.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence