About Us

Our focus

Provident Business Solutions specialises in providing advice for small to medium enterprises (SME’s). We work in partnership with you, as the business owner, your staff and key stakeholders allowing you to work onand not in your business.

Our vision

Plan. Help. Achieve.

Our success will only be measured by the level of significance we have in our clients’ lives. To achieve a high degree of significance, we need to deeply understand our clients and their objectives (PLAN), present tailored solutions in a consistent and engaged manner (HELP), and then review and adjust as our clients’ lives and plans change (ACHIEVE). If we remain true to the essence of our vision then we hope to be truly significant in the lives of those around us.

Starting out, growing or going:

We have access to an exciting range of tools and programs to help business owners understanding whereyour business is now, what the potential of the business is and how to set an achievable strategy to close the gap.

Whether you are just starting your business and need support with financing or understanding your market or if you are actively growing, our programs provide a structured and comprehensive framework for you to formalise your business growth. We have worked with a broad base of SME owners from industrial and commercial businesses to retail, medical practices and start-ups.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence