About Us

Since 1993 RST (Radio Systems Technologies Pty Ltd) has been developing innovative, cost effective solutions to network extension and cross platform communication challenges for both the trunked radio network and conventional market.

This has continued with our SmartBridge product designed to provide INTEROPERABILITY between dissimilar networks, digital to digital, digital to analog, analog to anlaog etc.

Our products are found all around the world, providing coverage extension and interoperability for network operators, emergency services, governments, gas and oil, transport, public safety and security industries.

Our products are supplied in true “Plug and Play” format, to provide for easy no-risk installation and simple maintenance. This mantra has been the basis for successful implementation and ongoing performance of our products in locations around the world: West and East Europe, Asia, Africa, the North, South and Central Americas, and the South East Asian Pacific area, including New Zealand and of course, Australia

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence