About Us

Regal IT is an award winning Managed Services, IT consulting and product provider to Australian enterprise customers. We have one simple goal; to make you more successful through better selection, implementation and management of your Information Technology by aligning IT to your business needs.

Regal IT has carved out a reputation for providing straight dealing and a savvy approach to IT. We understand the pressing need for firms to get more value for their dollar without neglecting Information Technology's mission critical importance in giving you a competitive advantage.

Whether it is simply product procurement, pay-as-you-go consultancy, fixed price project work or a full or hybrid managed service, Regal, as your vendor independent trusted advisor, has the IT expertise that will give you a guaranteed quality solution at the right price.

Most importantly, we have consultants that will fit into your organisational culture, who have the vendor qualifications and experience to walk you through your unique project no matter how small or large.


Business size

26-100 employees