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About Us

Saving Point was established in 2001 following comprehensive market research, which identified an opportunity for a truly independent specialist cost reduction consultant in the Australian market.

has been helping businesses to save ever since its establishment in 2001.

Since that time we have become As Australia’s pre-eminent independent cost reduction specialist, based around our mission is to identify and implement cost savings to enable organisations to increase their profitability on an ongoing basis.

Saving Point takes a specialist approach to reviewing business expenses, creating customised solutions to fit your specific needs. We not only leverage the company’s considerable human expertise to assess potential areas for cost reduction but use sophisticated proprietary software platforms to identify where savings can be made.

Our software interfaces with the billing systems of various service providers, enabling us to quickly and easily identify if past charging errors have been made. This can result in significant bill refunds as well as regular annual savings once billing problem have been rectified.

Saving Point will:

• Identify major expense areas;
• Analyse and evaluate each expense;
• Identify key areas for savings;
• Renegotiate with existing suppliers; and
• Locate new suppliers offering equal or better service at a reduced cost.

Our services are risk-free. As well as minimising any disruption to your business by undertaking most of our work off-site, there is no cost to your organisation if no cost savings can be identified.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Business size

1-10 employees

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