About Us

SBS Group is an industry leader, supplying and manufacturing efficient innovative pre-fabricated framing and engineered designs for the construction industry.

Combining the latest technology with cold formed steel and aluminium products, SBS Group offers lightweight, high strength and labour saving alternatives to traditional framing methods.

At SBS Group we pre-fabricate and pre-finish products off site. Off site work allows for smooth and efficient installation, resulting in significant time savings on site, improving the profitability of your project.

SBS Ultra Frame delivers unique framing solutions for the most complex of assignments. Ultra Frame embraces pre-fabricating of intricate 3D facades, bulkhead frames and other custom architectural features, using state of the art technology. Traditional 3D architectural features that have become extremely expensive and time consuming are now easily designed and efficiently fabricated utilising Ultra Frame. Revolutionary SBS Smart Frame, combined with smarter cost saving designs, replaces traditional costly labour intensive structural steel box trusses, fascias, canopies, balustrades or similar expensive secondary steel structures. Over 15 years of delivering successful framing to the construction industry, SBS Group has progressively developed efficient pre-fabricated bulkheads, either curved, straight or coffered and for just about any application. SBS Smart Hob is an efficient pre-fabricated formwork framing system, currently being used with success throughout the construction formwork industry. Smart Hob is truly a labour saving alternative and provides an extremely fast and easy solution to the conventional method of forming hobs on site.

We offer intelligent and complete solutions for any design, meeting specific construction requirements.

SBS Group … giving you the edge.

Business size

26-100 employees


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