About Us

At the heart of every great company, is great talent. Matching YOUR staffing, training and employment needs with the right people and resources is our business.

Skill Hire is a recognised leader in providing training and staffing resources for diverse workplace needs including group and individual training, apprentices and trainees, flexible staffing options and permanent recruitment.

Full-Services Training & Staffing Solutions Readily Tailored for YOUR Business Needs
As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Recruitment and jobactive provider, we are an integral part of the local communities in which we operate across Western Australia and South Australia. With extensive in-house resources and well-established relationships in diverse communities and industries, our team of professionals tailor solutions that work for both local businesses and national businesses requiring local labour market knowledge.

Expertise & Quality Services with Focus on Safety and Social & Environmental Responsibility
Skill Hire is committed to providing our clients optimal training and staffing solutions with focus on safety and social and environmental responsibility throughout our operations. Our proven capabilities are demonstrated by valued, long-term client and community partner relationships, extensive training successes and a continual pool of quality candidates for employment placements.

Business size

500+ employees


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