About Us

Nestled in a secret underground lair, accessible only by a secret passage way disguised as a bookcase in the university library, lies the BusCom HQ. It is here that the university association’s nine board members (informally known amongst themselves as the 'Notable Nine’) sit in their leather swivel chairs, stroking their hairless cats as they conjure up new and exciting benefits for the members of their world-renowned association.

While few know of the happenings behind the doors of the BusCom HQ, the value that it provides to members is revered all over the world. Thousands have flocked to its wild and wonderful social events dressed to the nines, friendship circle in tow (and taken advantage of member only discounts). Countless have thrived thanks to the association’s strong ties with industry professionals and the networking events they hold regularly. And year after year, budding young students at the University of Newcastle are able to pack their résumés with new skills and experiences thanks to BusCom’s enigmatic ability to constantly pump out new opportunities for its members.

BusCom means benefits.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence