About Us

We are a marketing & social media consultancy established in Melbourne's West to provide help and support to small businesses, community sport providers and sponsor organisations.

The Oxford dictionary defines recreation as both any "activity done for enjoyment when one is not working," as well as re-creation, "the action or process of creating something again."

West2East ReCreation [W2E] is so named to reflect the re-creation of its founding consultant, Steve Hubbard - an experienced sport & recreation professional who relocated from Australia's West to East coast and has gone on to become a qualified marketer.

We are passionate about the use of marketing & social media to enable growth of:
- Community sport & recreation clubs, associations, groups and centres;
- Small to Medium business enterprises (SMEs); and
- Sponsor organisations together with sport rights holders.

W2E is an active member of Australia's key sport, sponsorship and marketing industry bodies including:
- Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA) - Aquatics & Recreation Victoria
- Sponsorship Australasia - Sponsorship News Australia

We have specialised knowledge to help you to set-up and effectively use social media websites and mobile applications including, but not limited to:
- Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin
- Pinterest - Instagram - Wordpress
- Foursquare - Google+ - About.me

Steve offers a FREE one hour marketing & social media consultation over coffee in or near Melbourne's West.