About Us

Wild Women On Top transforms lives by creating life changing adventures that get women walking in nature.

We inspire women and get them fit for wild adventures in more than 20 stunning, remote and cultural destinations each year, in teams. We provide wild workouts, wild adventures and Coastrek, 30-60km team trekking challenges, with expert support, to empower and guide women on the adventure of their dreams. We share adventure boldly and cultivate moments that take your breath away.

Becoming a Wild Woman Adventure Goddess means discovering a new you; a healthier you; a fitter you; a stronger you. You will explore a new world of life changing adventures that inspire you to make healthy choices at every turn.

Becoming a Wild Woman means getting up each day with purpose and joy. It means healthy daily habits. It means you have energy to sparkle.

This journey will take you to places you never would have imagined. We’ve unzipped our tents to sunrise over Mt Everest; slept on the lip of a crater; watched volcanos erupt; felt earthquakes tremble; walked through pristine, untouched wilderness; hugged trees thousands of years old; marvelled in awe at hanging glaciers and waterfalls of ice; laughed till it hurt in a little tent on a glacier; danced in the moonlight; dived, naked, into remote sparkling clear, freshwater lakes after walking 25km, brimming with a sense of joy that cannot be put into words.

By embarking upon this adventure you will learn about your body and your mind, find a healthier you and connect with a community of wild, motivated and inspiring women in nature.

Become an Adventure Goddess and you will discover a life of true joy, health and lasting happiness.

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26-100 employees

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