About Us

Are you looking for a sharp effective structure when it comes to getting healthy sexuality education messages to young people?

Youth Wellbeing Project offers effective solutions for busy educators by bringing professional development to staff, resources for the classroom, student presentations and strategies to connect with parents about sexual development and healthy relationships.

Are you:

- Requiring more training for your staff in an easily accessible, flexible and affordable format?
- Uncertain if your current approach to relationships and sexuality is meeting best-practice?
- Seeking assistance to meet the upcoming Australian Health & Physical Education requirements?
- Concerned about the impact of sexually explicit content on young people's healthy development?
- Aware of the importance of informing teens about Sexually Transmitted Infections?
- Wanting to inspire youth towards relationships based on intimacy and authentic human connection?
- Struggling to get positive messages to teens about relationships and sexuality?

Youth Wellbeing Project is setting a new benchmark in youth sexuality and relationship education. We provide innovative, engaging and evidence based sex education programs as well as youth presentations and professional development focused on the whole-person and their wellbeing.

Ask us how we can help your school or youth organisation close the communication and sexuality education gaps between educators, teens, parents and community.

Business size

1-10 employees

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